How we came up with ELMAFI

The word ELMAFI is simply an abbreviation of our kids' names – Eliška, Matěj, Filip.

Our goals

  • The produce original a practical things.  

    We want to make high-quality, practical, original and gorgeous bags. 
    Only such bags can be used every day and for every occasion.

  • To be environment friendly.
    Our products are based on recycled materials.

  • To make a local Czech products.

    Our bags are made in the Czech Republic only.
    We want to reduce our ecological footprint, so we avoid importing.

Why safety seat belts?

There are thousands of bags on the market made of traditional materials such as leather, textile.

We can choose among all of these bags, but they don't become so memorable as our original bags.

Why not to try unique material and remarkable design of the seat belts? 

We mainly use recycled belts. To add vivid colours, we also use new coloured belts.